Our Technology

Kraftigled are world leaders in LED light fixture technology.
Latest Technology

KraftigLed use only the latest LED technology to produce the highest efficiency lights available.

Indepth Knowledge

KraftigLed have an unrivalled knowledge to allow us to produce cutting edge light fixtures.

Value Proposition

We produce super efficient LED fixtures for low cost to maximise your offering.

How do you get such savings?


KraftigLed's LED lights are ultra efficient. In some cases we achieve the same light with half the wattage of our competitors LEDs.  Add this up over all the lights in your building and it's a significant saving.


How long will the lights last and why is this so important?


KraftigLed builds all its LED lights to last a minimum of 120,000 hours (thats to the point where they are at 70% output). Other LEDs will only last 30,000 to 50,000 hours. 30,000hrs is less than 4 years. Spread the cost of the LED lighting over the expected lifetime and our cost of ownership is the lowest and best value.


KraftigLed's super efficiency LEDs maximise the savings over traditional lights and therefore the customers return on investment making them the most attractive proposition in the retrofit market.


Will my premises be as bright, or do I have to lose light to make savings?


Yes it will be as bright, and Absolutely not - you don't have to lose light.

All KraftigLed's replacements are designed to give equal or higher light than the original lights they are replacing when they were new and NOT at the their current level.


How do I verify the quality of your lights and the truth of your claims?


All KraftigLed'slights come with the following industry standard certificates and test reports:


  • LM80-08 from the LED chip manufacturer, this is worldwide recognised test to verify how long the LEDs will last.

  • LM79-08 from KraftigLed, this is the worldwide industry standard independent 3rd party accredited test Lab report to show the light output, colour, quality, power usage and efficiency of the LED light.

  • TM21 from KraftigLed, this is the worldwide industry standard independent 3rd party accredited test Lab report to show the LED light's operating temperture and expected lifetime.

  • CE Declaration of Conformity, this is KraftigLed's declaration that all our lights have been tested by an independent 3rd party accredited Lab to all the legally required standards for lighting.


What does your warranty cover and how does it differentiate you?


KraftigLed's warranty covers all manufacturing defects and premature failures of our light fixtures. Unlike many other far east manufacturers, if you send us a written report with photographic evidence of the failure we will send a replacement fixture.

In addition, for large orders we will supply 103% of the order so that you have spare fixtures in stock.



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