Kraftigled have years of experience in the LED industry producing lights of the highest efficiency and quality.

Our quality is so good we've produced LED lights used by some of the world's biggest pharmacuetical companies in their cleanrooms.

Who we are


KraftigLed is an Irish owned company run by Irish engineers. We started out making cleanroom LED lights to compete with T5 high frequency lights. Our lights are installed in the cleanrooms of some of the biggest pharmacuetical companies in the world. Our unrivalled efficiencies and long life offer excellent payback's and retrun on investment while practically eliminating maintenace costs.

What we do


We are a contract manufacturer who will design and produce LED light fixtures for you or you can buy some of our off the shelf designs. Currently we offer LED fixtures in 3 levels of efficiency and cost.


  1. Value range 90-105lumen per circuit watt, 3yr warranty, very low cost

  2. Performance range 125-130lumen per circuit watt, 5yr warranty, low cost

  3. Ultra range, 150-180lumen per circuit watt, 5yr warranty, medium cost


All our LED lights use LEDs with LM80 testing and come with LM79-08 & TM21 testing. In addition they come with full certification for your market.

Speak to us for more information.

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